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Transit Apps : Benefit or Crutch?

We’re all caught up in transit app fever. At Nextransit we’re working on apps that seek to improve our urban environment, but what’s the best way to do that?  We’ve released 2 apps, Nexmap and Nextime, and they both address shortcomings in our current transit systems.  While these are absolutely a necessity (have you ever tried to figure out a bus map? how often is your bus on time—in the middle of the winter?), what is the long term effect?

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Press Release – Introducing Nexmap

Introducing Nexmap - Beautiful, Interactive Maps with Real-Time GPS

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts — Nextransit today announced the release of Nexmap, the world’s first scalable interactive transit map. Nexmap redefines transit maps from the ground up, scaling across all forms of transportation seamlessly: from commuter rail to buses, building in real-time GPS tracking. Drawing inspiration from some of the world’s most beautiful transit maps, Nexmap delivers a best of class map experience, built for mobile touch.

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