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Never miss a bus again. Nextime tracks your bus behind the scenes, notifying you when it's time to head to the stop.

Nextime’s unique TransitTrack feature uses real-time GPS data to watch your bus—behind the scenes—notifying you when you need to leave. Quickly check nearby stops, favorites, or search for any stop in your transit agency. Once you select a bus to track, Nextime will track it for you in the background, pushing a notification to you at the moment you need to leave.

Never miss a bus

Nextime shows you every bus stop nearby and how long you have until the bus arrives. Nextime will even calculate how long it will take to walk to the stop, and visually show you whether you should wait, walk, or run. When you know what bus you're hoping to catch, simply set a notification and Nextime will track your bus in the background for you. No need to keep your iPhone on, constantly checking on a bus that keeps getting delayed.

Just forget about it

With Nextime TransitTrack, you don’t have to worry about timing or remembering anything. When you choose what bus you want to take, not only will Nextransit track your bus for you, it will track how far you have to go to get to the nearest stop. If your bus isn't due for another 30 minutes, you can browse that bookstore a block away, or grab a bite to eat down the street. Nextime will always let you know when you need to leave from wherever you currently are.

Simple, attractive iPhone interface

Nextime was designed to maximize information, while minimizing complexity. Using just-in-time principles, Nextime gives you the information you need, when you need it.

When you first launch the app, you quickly see all nearby transit lines, at their closest stops. It's shown in raw minutes, but also with simple visual icons to show you when you should leave, based on your walking distance from the stop. Take a quick peek at when a bus is coming, or set TransitTrack to notify you when you need it. You can also save favorite stops, or search for another stop. Nextime is designed to get out of your way, but to feel good while you use it.

Supported Transit Agencies

Nextime currently supports the following transit agencies:

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