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Introducing the next generation in maps: the world's first scalable interactive transit map. We've redesigned the map from the ground up, building in real-time GPS tracking, and sharing the same beautiful design across all transit modes—including buses.

"Nexmap app is the holy grail."BostInnovation

Transit maps, reinvented

Nexmap's secret is in it's simplicity. Once you begin navigating a map, it just feels right. We stepped back and drew inspiration from some of the best transit maps in the world: Paris, London, and Tokyo. The legibility and craftsmanship that went into these maps provide millions of riders the ease with which to navigate complex systems. We took this vision and built a multi-tiered transit map that scales across all forms of transportation seamlessly: from commuter rail to buses. No more swapping maps, trying to view bus routes on a road map, or figuring out where buses actually stop.

Gorgeously rendered for iPhone

Nexmap is designed specifically with the iPhone in mind. Its gorgeously rendered lines fit beautifully with the experience you’d expect on an iPhone (including on a retina display). Instead of 4 maps, we’ve combined them all into one: Commuter Rail, Subway and Light Rail, Primary Bus Routes, and even Street View. All seamlessly integrated with GPS-based real-time bus schedules, so you know when to catch your bus.

Buses as first class citizens

Let’s be honest. Nobody prefers taking a bus instead of a train. But there’s not always an option. We fundamentally treat buses differently than rail, even when they're ultimately designed to serve the same purpose. A complex bus map shares little resemblance to the clean subway maps, and require you to move between the two with great effort. Many people choose to stick with rail precisely because it's easier to figure out. But while our rail maps are less complex, the systems are much less expansive. It's impossible to navigate most American cities by rail alone.

So while the politicians figure out how to fund better rail, we’ve integrated the primary bus routes right into our maps, named stations real names instead of street intersections, and we give you a portable guide to let you figure out your route, find what corner your bus stops at, and see when to catch the bus. We can't make your bus ride less bumpy, but we can make it a whole lot easier to navigate.

Real-time arrivals

This one’s the buzz of all the transit systems of late: GPS tracking. Unfortunately, most real-time apps make you dig through lists to find your line, direction, and station. We took a different approach, incorporating it right into the transit map. Just tap on a station to see when to catch your bus, and even see a map to find out what corner it’s on. Our map supports real-time data for all primary bus routes and the Orange, Red, and Blue lines, offering schedule data for the Green line and Commuter Rail lines. Nexmap integrates GPS and schedule timing where it belongs: on the map.

System-Wide Alerts

While real-time data is the most important way to help determine when to catch a train or a bus, sometimes there are complications. We've added a system-wide alerts tab to show you any up-to-the minute issues occurring anywhere in the system. For lines that have no real-time data, such as commuter rail, this information is essential. For lines that do, knowing in advance how your commute might be affected can help you plan in advance, and not get stuck running late to dinner without warning.

Search for a station

While navigating our transit maps are easy, there are still a lot of stops in the system. When visiting a new area for the first time, it's great to know where to start—or end up. That's why we've added the ability to search for any station, right on the map.



Here's what some of the press has been saying about us:

"Commuter rail. Bus lines. Light rail. Subway. All these routes are typically displayed separately in a variety of maps, or are combined in overwhelming fashion [...] Not on Nexmap where all are displayed on one, interactive map."BostInnovation

"If you were to slap a homing beacon on the undercarriage of every bus line in the city, filter all that information through the world's first interactive, fully scalable transit map and drop it into your pocket... well, you'd get something almost as useful as this."UrbanDaddy

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