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M-Market Transfer Survey

We’ve received an overwhelming amount of interest in our M-Market plan, the first piece of our New Muni Metro project.

One aspect that concerned us—prior to releasing the project—was the potential perception of the transfers introduced. We feel strongly that these transfers are a critical element of an expanding metro system vision, and allows us to let each component in the system best leverage its own strengths and address its limitations.

Our concern has so far proven to be relatively unfounded. We’ve been surprised by the lack of negative feedback we’ve received about the transfer, which is a great sign. That said, we’d like to put out an (informal) poll to gauge public input about this component.


Would you accept a transfer if it means a noticeable increase in reliability and frequency, and a major reduction in overcrowding.

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If you have any additional thoughts, please feel free to email them to — and thanks!