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Press Release – Introducing Nexmap

Introducing Nexmap - Beautiful, Interactive Maps with Real-Time GPS

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts — Nextransit today announced the release of Nexmap, the world’s first scalable interactive transit map. Nexmap redefines transit maps from the ground up, scaling across all forms of transportation seamlessly: from commuter rail to buses, building in real-time GPS tracking. Drawing inspiration from some of the world’s most beautiful transit maps, Nexmap delivers a best of class map experience, built for mobile touch.

“We’re thrilled to introduce our first iPhone transit app,” said ReeD Martin, Nextransit founder and president. “Reinventing the transit map is the best first stepping stone to a better transit experience in our urban environments. People often don’t take buses simply because of how complicated figuring out the maps can be. This space is ripe for innovation and our unique blend of user experience and transit expertise results in fantastic products like Nexmap.”

Today’s announcement introduces Nexmap’s first city—Boston—with additional cities forthcoming. “We look forward to bringing Nexmap to cities around the world,” added Martin.

Nexmap features:

  • Truly interactive transit map
  • Gorgeously designed and rendered for iPhone
  • Four maps in one, scaling seamlessly between all transit modes
  • Buses as first class citizens, integrated alongside
  • Real-time GPS arrivals

“While it’s up to the politicians to better fund public transit, we’ve integrated the primary bus routes right into our maps alongside rail, named stations real names instead of street intersections, and we give you a portable guide to let you figure out your route, find what corner your bus stops at, and see when to catch the bus. We can’t make your bus ride less bumpy, but we can make it a whole lot easier to understand and navigate.”

Nextransit envisions, researches, plans, and builds tools for a better urban future. Through software design and a focus on user experience, Nextransit aims to reinvent urban mobility in radical new ways, toward a goal of interconnected people and places.

Pricing & Availability
Nexmap Boston is available for purchase today for $1.99 on the iPhone App Store:

Additional Information
For additional information about Nexmap, please visit

Press Release


2 Comments on “Press Release – Introducing Nexmap”

  1. aardlark says:

    Congrats!! Looks great!

  2. Pol says:

    Great work. This app really shines. You’ve clearly put a lot of work into the transit maps for Boston, and it will pay off for a heavy transit rider like myself…maybe I can finally figure out the buses around here.

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